Monday, September 12 2016 11:30 EEST
Syrian ceasefire begins
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U.S. and Russia agreed on this during recent talks in Geneva

The preliminary term of the ceasefire makes 48 hours, but it can be extended.

Previously, leading diplomats of the United States and Russia agreed that the total ceasefire will take effect on September 12, and urged the conflicting sides to join the ceasefire agreement. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov assured his U.S. counterpart John Kerry that the Kremlin was ready to comply with the ceasefire, reports.

The sides developed a plan that would minimize the violence in Syria. It consists of five documents, in which the international anti-terrorist coalition agreed to coordinate their efforts in fighting ISIS and al-Nusra.

'If that plan is implemented, it will become a turning point', Kerry said.

As reported earlier by, U.S. and Russia agreed that the total ceasefire in Syria will take effect on September 12.

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