Friday, September 9 2016 20:30 EEST
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Kasparov: 'Vladimir Putin is a strong leader in the same way that arsenic is a strong drink'
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Garry Kasparov comments on Trump's statement that Putin is better leader than U.S. President Barack Obama

Russian chess grandmaster, former World Chess Champion, writer, and political activist Garry Kasparov shared on his Facebook page:

'Praising a brutal KGB dictator, especially as preferable to a democratically elected US president, whether you like Obama or hate him, is despicable and dangerous. Trump and now his running mate, Mike Pence, have repeated and defended their compliments of Putin for 'strength', as if assassination and repression represent something worthy of emulation.

If Trump or anyone else admires Putin's 'strength' then he admires destroying the free press, rigging elections, jailing and killing critics and the political opposition, turning the economy into a crony kleptocracy, invading neighbors, assassination, and committing genocide against civilians. This is Putin's record, known and documented. This is who Trump admires.

And do not try to defend these statements with semantics or sophistry. Calling a strongman like Putin 'strong' is redundant, and so it is praise not for the individual but for dictatorship itself.'

As reported earlier by, Garry Kasparov: 'Why is everyone talking about plagiarism by Trump's wife when the candidate himself has been plagiarizing Mein Kampf for a year?'

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