Wednesday, September 7 2016 11:01 EEST
EU will take a decision regarding sanctions for violation of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine
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The European Union on Wednesday, September 7, will take a decision regarding sanctions applicable to 146 individuals and 37 companies for violation of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine

The decision will be taken at the meeting of the Committee of Permanent Representatives in the European Union, according to Unian.

As previously reported, March 9, the EU extended for another six months the sanctions imposed on March 17, 2014 by the EU Council against individuals and legal entities in view of 'the continuing undermining or threatening of the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine.'

Among the 146 individuals on the list is the so-called head of the Russian-occupied Crimea Sergey Aksnov, other so-called officials of Crimea and Sevastopol, terrorist leaders Denis Pushilin, Andrey Purgin, Alexander Boroday, Arseny Pavlov (aka Motorola), and Igor Girkin, ex-MP Oleg Tsarev.

Among the 37 legal entities is the sea ports of Feodosia, Sevastopol and Kerch, the so-called 'People's militia of Donbas', Oreanda sanatorium, Massandra national industrial and agricultural association, Magarach National Institute of grapes and wine, and the Russian National Commercial Bank.

As reported earlier by, EU is ready to extend sanctions against Russian officials and representatives of DPR and LPR.

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