Tuesday, September 6 2016 19:00 EEST
Protesters gave Inter TV channel 5 days to dismiss Shuvalov and stop broadcasting Russian TV series
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Protesters give Inter TV channel 5 days, otherwise the blockade will resume

Protesters demand from Inter TV channel to fire Shuvalov and stop broadcasting Russian TV series. This was reported by 112 Ukraine TV channel journalist from the scene, according to 112.international.

'The protesters came up to the journalists with a statement addressing Inter TV channel to release Russian political strategist Igor Shuvalov within next 5 days. The other requirement among others was to stop broadcasting Russian TV series and anti-Ukrainian news. They announced that they will come back to the building in five days in case their requirements are not fulfilled,' - said the reporter.

Earlier the protesters removed their blockade of the main office of Inter TV channel at Dmytrivska str. in Kyiv. 'Protesters reached an agreement with Inter, that's why the blockade is removed,' - he wrote.

Earlier the head of Interior Ministry Arsen Avakov said that Mr. Shuvalov, the ideologist of Inter's information policy, should be expelled from the country by the Security Service of Ukraine. The Interior Minister said that there is a sufficient number of facts and evidence of the channels' anti-state position.

As we reported earlier, about fifty activists were rallying near the building of Inter TV Channel, the Ukrainian national broadcaster. Protesters were not allowing employees of office in.

As reported earlier by 1492news.com, About fifty activists are rallying near the building of Inter TV Channel, protesters are not allowing employees of office in. 

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