Tuesday, September 6 2016 12:30 EEST
Poroshenko: 'Our strategic goal is NATO membership'
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Poroshenko voiced a matter of life and death for Ukraine during his annual speech to the Ukrainian Parliament

President appealed to People’s Deputies.

'At a time when Russia's aggression against Ukraine continues, and the military threat from the east is the most difficult strategic challenge, the question of national unity and political consolidation is a matter of life and death for our country. It is, in fact, the main thing that I would like to say,' stressed the Head of State, according to 112.international.

Every Ukrainian requires three components - peace, security and reforms to improve the welfare of the country.

'The state independence gave democracy and freedom, a sense of civic pride and national unity, taught to defend and opened the European perspective for our country. Now our spiritual and moral achievements should complement the material achievements, ensuring the well-being of every citizen of a free Ukraine, and this is our main task. We need three elements - peace, security and reform to achieve this ambitious goal', Poroshenko said.

Ukraine will follow the Minsk agreements, despite how difficult it may be.

'I stress that we will adhere to the Minsk agreements. It has allowed our diplomacy to win a great fight for the extension of the EU sanctions, the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia and many other countries', President added.

Poroshenko noted the lack of consensus regarding NATO membership for Ukraine. He said that Ukraine came to a close level of cooperation with the Alliance, which is necessary to be deepened.

'Our strategic goal is NATO membership', said the President.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko stated the need for a modern version of the Jackson-Vanik amendment.

'The question of Crimea, its militarization, human rights abuses on the peninsula has to be on the international agenda and seek to expand the corresponding sanction package, as the United States made last week. Russia violating human rights in the occupied territories, including the rights of the Crimean Tatars, requires the introduction of additional sector sanctions. I think, it would not be amiss of a modernized dialogue to take an analog of the Jackson-Vanik amendment', Poroshenko said.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko completing his annual address to the parliament said that there are still a lot of difficulties.

'There are still a lot of difficulties, but the trials and victories obtained by great effort and the blood of the best sons and daughters of our people all the time does not give us another choice but to win. There is only one way – moving forward. I am sure - all will be good. Glory to Ukraine!' he said.

As reported earlier by 1492news.com, Poroshenko ordered Lutsenko to take the investigation of the events that took place near the building of Inter TV channel.

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