Monday, September 5 2016 16:00 EEST
International astronomical union named the asteroid after Freddie Mercury
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The Queen’s legendary singer would’ve turned 70 today

The International astronomical union named the asteroid after the rock legend and the vocalist for Queen. Brian May, the band’s guitarist, reported this at a party dedicated to Mercury’s 70th anniversary; it took place on Montreux, Switzerland, where the group recorded their albums, and Freddie himself lived there for 13 years, according to

'I’m happy to announce that the International Astronomical Union Minor Planet Centre has deemed it their duty and a pleasure to name an asteroid after Freddie. It will be called asteroid FreddieMercury 17473, and it was discovered in 1991, and this is to honor Freddie’s 70th birthday', said the famous guitar player, who is also widely known as astrophysicist.'

The respective video address was uploaded at May's Youtube account.

Freddie Mercury, born on September 5th, 1946, was the outstanding rock performer and the lead singer for Queen since 1972 till 1991. He and his band became the icons of rock music in the 1980s, as the band topped music charts all over the world. In 1985 or so, Mercury’s blood test proved positive for HIV. He avoided disclosing this till the very last days of his life. The AIDS eventually led to his death in November 1991.

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