Monday, September 5 2016 15:15 EEST
Eight people were detained in an Inter TV Channel arson case
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Chief of the National Police of Ukraine Khatia Dekanoidze has reported that eight people were detained in an Inter TV Channel arson case on Sunday, September 4, but all of them have already been released.

'We detained eight people yesterday. Administrative protocols were drawn on them, but today no one remains behind bars. An investigation is under way, and we hope very much that the TV channel will cooperate with us so that we could establish the cause,' she said, according to Unian.

According to Dekanoidze, a number of people in the building requested medical assistance after the incident on Sunday, September 4. One person reported a hand injury, another suffered from high blood pressure.

'At the Kyiv department, I'll hear all the details of the case we've got, as of today. The main thing is to establish the cause behind the fire,' she added.

Fire broke out on September 4 in the building that houses the National Information Systems Company, which produces TV programs for Inter TV Channel. Prior to the incident, there was a rally outside the building by protesters opposed to the channel's pro-Russian policy. Protesters were reported to have set car tires ablaze.

Among those detained near the Inter TV Channel office were former soldiers from the 30th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Shortly after the incident, Inter TV issued a statement calling on Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to look into the incident.

The TV channel added that it had reported about the incident to the Prosecutor General's Office, the SBU Security Service of Ukraine, the Interior Ministry and the National Police.

People who disagree with Inter TV Channel's editorial policy started to gather outside Inter TV's headquarters on Dmytriyivska Street on Monday, September 5. The building was then cordoned off with a fence. Activists have placed posters on the fence, saying 'Inter – Get Out!' Similar words are written on the fence with paint. Police and a fire brigade are now on duty near the company's main office.

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