Sunday, September 4 2016 23:01 EEST
Yushchenko: 'Perhaps the West is weak as never before. Europe, I mean'
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Europe lacks the solid policy, believes the former President of Ukraine

Europe today is weak as never before, and it is difficult fot it to position itself in relation to what is happening in the eastern part. Such an assumption was made on the TV channel '112 Ukraine' by the third president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko, according to

'Perhaps the West is weak as never before. Europe, I mean. Perhaps it lacks a solid policy that could be transform by the one voice,or at least in coordinative way. I think there are 3-5 European countries, which, because of their bilateral relations with Russia interrupted the context that European community forms towards Russia.

Therefore, we can talk about how well the sanctions work, but all the countries of olive belt in Europe will say that how long will it last, there are already 6 months of sanctions, and we still have not canceled them. In other words, obviously, Europe doesn't have its Churchill. " And European positioning in relation to the processes taking place in Eastern Europe, today is difficult as never before', - Yushchenko said.

As reported earlier by, Viktor Yushchenko said 'Minsk agreements are part of some Russia-designed plan'

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