Friday, September 2 2016 16:00 EEST
Hundreds of witnesses questioned during the investigation into the murder of Sheremet, but no breakthrough has been made
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No breakthrough in Sheremet's murder, police say

'You cannot imagine what a great job has been done by investigators. They interviewed several hundred people, watched a huge amount of video footage (from cameras), but there has been no breakthrough,' Dekanoidze stated, Unian reports.

She promised to keep the public informed about the results of the investigation and report any progress.

Pavlo Sheremet, a journalist working for the Ukrainska Pravda online newspaper, was killed in a car blast on July 20. The car, being driven by Sheremet, belonged to Olena Prytula, his common-law wife and the owner of Ukrainska Pravda.

As reported earlier by,  Police published official negation regarding information on the possible surveillance upon Pavlo Sheremet.

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