Thursday, September 1 2016 18:45 EEST
'Ukraine is ready for a prisoner swap with Russia,' - - Ukrainian official
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About 3,080 Ukrainians were found or freed from militant captivity since Russia invaded Ukraine

Ukraine is ready for a prisoner swap with Russia and can exchange more than 400 Russian-backed militants who are serving their sentences in jail in Ukraine.

This is reported by Vasyl Hrytsak, Chairman of Ukraine's State Security Service (the SBU), according to Ukraine Today.

'As regards what we can offer in terms of the swap prisoner issue... For the time being, I will say, more than 400 militants are held in Ukraine - in detention facilities or under investigation. Their fate is known ... These are people whose verdicts came into force - some serve their sentences in jail, some are still under investigation, some have a different status - yet, all of them are treated in strict compliance with the law', said Hrytsak.

SBU's head said that Ukraine operates in full accordance with the law - lawyers are allowed to visit detainees as well as their relatives are informed of their detention

'Therefore, that party (Russia) knows how many its (Russia's) representative are kept in Ukraine', said Hrytsak.

He also said that during the Trilateral Contact Group talks in Minsk, Ukrainian officials managed to discover the whereabouts of 57 Ukrainians illegally detained by Russian-backed militants (though militant representatives confirmed they held only 45 Ukrainians).

As reported earlier by, DPR refused to exchange 25 Ukrainians for 50 Russian militants, - Gerashchenko. 

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