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MFA of Ukraine: 3 September 2016 is the Global day of solidarity with Ilmi Umerov!
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Ilmi Umerov is the 59-year-old deputy chairman of the Crimean Tatar Mejlis. Russian occupation authorities in Crimea are persecuting him for his remarks in support of Ukraine's territorial integrity.

MFA of Ukraine shared on Facebook

'Over the last two weeks, the so-called 'authorities' of Crimea applied a range of punitive psychiatric measures against him, imprisoning him in his hospital room and creating a real threat to his life. Ilmi is completely mentally healthy, but has a number of other chronic diseases: Parkinson's disease of the 3d degree, hypertension, diabetes, he suffered a heart surgery.

On 11 August he was hospitalized from the 'court' hall in a preinfarction state. After he was forcefully delivered for "psychiatric examination" which interrupted his cardiac treatment, his condition deteriorated significantly. In the hospital he can't follow the diet crucial for health of diabetes patients, resulting in blood pressure variability, headaches, overall weakness. The administration of the ward creates obstacles for visits of Umerov's lawyer and relatives. This treatment can be likened to torture.

On 30 August, despite the so-called 'examination' being complete, the investigators refused to release him from the hospital at least until 7 September without any reason. Ilmi Umerov may not live to this date.

This Saturday, 3 September, we urge all people who care for justice, freedom, and human dignity around the world to express their protest against the tyranny of the Russian 'authorities' and tell them out loud: STOP KILLING ILMI UMEROV!'

As repoted earlier by, Umerov may be kept in a psychiatric hospital until September 7.

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