Thursday, September 1 2016 12:24 EEST
Tariffs for consumed electricity in Ukraine will significantly grow on September 1
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Ukrainian government raises electricity tariffs

The tariffs for consumed electricity will significantly grow on September 1, under the respective decree approved by the government. From now on, Ukrainians will have to pay 25 percent more than before – on the average, reports.

Besides, the government plans another raise of the electricity tariffs in March 2017.

The plan of the gradual growth of electricity tariffs was developed by the National Committee for State Regulation of Energy and Household Services in February 2015.

According to this document, since September 1, residents of cities who consume up to 100 kWh per month will pay almost 3 U.S. cents per 1 kWh. Previously, the price was a bit more than 2 U.S. cents. Those who consume from 100 to 600 kWh per month, will pay approximately 5 cents instead of 3 per 1 kWh. Those who consume more than 600 kWh per month will now pay about 6 cents per 1 kWh, with insignificant difference with the previous price.

The tariffs for residents of villages and small towns are the same, with minimal norms of energy consuming a bit higher than that in cities – the minimal volume of consumed energy in villages makes 150 kWh against 100 kWh in cities.

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