Monday, August 29 2016 18:00 EEST
Russia’s Olympic champions and prize winners came to Khmeymin air field in Syria
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Athletes came to entertain the servicemen in the warring country

A delegation of Russia’s Olympic champions visit their country’s airbase in Syria where the fierce armed conflict is underway. High jumper Elena Isinbayaeva, fencer Sofia Velikaya and other medalists of 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro came there to visit the military men who serve there, while taking part in air raids on ISIS positions across Syria,

The troops guided the athletes through the routine of the military service and even held a morning warm-up with Isinbayeva. 'I told them there would be my rules. There were a lot of guys who obeyed my instructions. I showed them some of my exercises in athletics, and they showed me theirs', she said.  

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