Friday, August 26 2016 21:50 EEST
Kremlin continues to use 'humanitarian convoys' to rob Donbass and take the enterprises
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Moscow continues to plunder the Donbass: convoys take out valuable property

The Kremlin continues to use 'humanitarian convoys' to rob Donbass and take the enterprises' property away from Ukraine. Another Russian 'humanitarian' convoy raided into Ukraine through captured check points Izvarino and Uspenka on August 25. 70 trucks were loaded by 30%, according to a brief report of the Main Directorate of Intelligence, published on their Facebook page, reports.

'But the 'humanitarian' trucks leave Ukraine overloaded with property of Donetsk people and dismantled equipment of enterprises,' - states intelligence. In particular, the dismantling and exporting of equipment of PJSC Stakhanov Railcar Plant (Kadievka) is underway. Supplies of ammunition, fuel and military hardware are from Russia for the militants’ hybrid army are also underway.

Another railway echelon with ammunition entered a border town of Sorokino (former Krasnodon), four tanks with diesel fuel (200 tons) arrived at nd Mospino.

As reported earlier by, Russia sends the trucks which will be part of the 55th 'humanitarian convoy' to Donbass.

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