Thursday, August 25 2016 12:14 EEST
NATO Air Force are going to patrol airspace of Black Sea region to monitor Russia’s troops
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USA and Bulgarian Air Force to monitor Russia’s troop maneuvers in Black Sea

The F-15 US fighter jets and Bulgarian MiG-29 will conduct joint patrols over the waters of the Black Sea as part of NATO's efforts to curb Russian aggression in the region next month. Voice of America agency writes this, according to

After the Alliance has stepped up patrols of the airspace at its eastern flank in the Baltic States, some NATO members were in favor of carrying out similar operations in the Black Sea region.

NATO said that two of the F-15 will fly together with the Bulgarian MiG-29. Patrols will start on September 9 and will end on September 16.

As reported earlier by, Russia conducts Black Sea Fleet drills in occupied Crimea. 

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