Wednesday, August 24 2016 16:22 EEST
Turkish Armed Forces tank units crossed the Syrian border
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Land, tank and artillery units of the Turkish Armed Forces, as well as the logistics force and air force are consolidated

As part of 'Shield of Euphrates' operation in northern Syria, the Turkish Armed Forces tank units crossed the Syrian border, reports Turkish news agency Anadolu, according to

According to the agency, in order to improve the effectiveness of the impact of forces of the international coalition and the general special reaction forces on the positions of the terrorists in the region of the Syrian city of Aleppo Dzherabrus province, land, tank, artillery units, logistics forces and the Turkish Air Force are consolidated.

According to sources in the General Staff of Turkish Armed Forces, the Air Force destroyed 12 objects of ISIS terrorists. Another 70 facilities destroyed by the use of multiple rocket launchers and artillery.

As reported earlier by, Iran’s parliament speaker says Russian warplanes are still using an Iranian military base. 

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