Wednesday, August 24 2016 11:25 EEST
Military march in Kyiv: President turns to the nation
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Poroshenko holds speech on the occasion of Independence Day

President Petro Poroshenko arrived to the Maidan Nezalezhnosti Square, where the main official events are to take place today, reports.

The Head of the Ukrainian state is now delivering a speech to the fellow Ukrainians. He referred to tough challenges that befell the state and the nation in these 25 years.

He bowed head to those who currently protect Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity - especially those perished during the Donbass conflict. 'We won't forget - and we won't forgive!', the President said before announcing the moment of silence.

The President stressed that the key guarantee of Ukraine's state intergity and sovereignty is its army, which is 'much more important than the Budapest memorandum'.

Poroshenko thanked fellow Ukrainian citizens for constant and powerful support of the army. 

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