Tuesday, August 23 2016 19:20 EEST
DPR militants stopped the observers of the OSCE SMM and searched their vehicle
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Gunmen asked OSCE staff about 'equipment used for espionage'

The militants stopped the observers of the OSCE SMM in Ukraine at the checkpoint Lukove in the Donetsk region and searched their vehicle in violation of law. This is stated in the report of the Special monitoring mission, according to 112.international.

'At 14:28 on 22 August, an SMM patrol comprising four SMM staff members and a paramedic in two vehicles was stopped by three armed men at a checkpoint in 'DPR'-controlled Lukove (72km south of Donetsk). One of them demanded in a hostile manner to search the SMM vehicles. The patrol leader explained that searching SMM vehicles was not allowed, but the armed man insisted and went ahead to perform the search. While he was doing that, another armed man inside a bunker in front of the first SMM vehicle pointed – from a distance of seven-eight metres and during most of the time – a light machine-gun (RPK) at four members of the patrol who were out of the vehicles', reads the report.

The gunmen asked OSCE staff about the 'equipment used for espionage', and inquired about the whereabouts of the sixth member of the patrol, which they allegedly saw.

The OSCE SMM staff felt alcohol smell from the militants.

It is noted that the search lasted eight minutes.

As reported earlier by 1492news.com, OSCE SMM representative will visit occupied Donetsk on urgent invitation of militants’ leaders.

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