Monday, August 22 2016 21:00 EEST
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Robert Reich: 'Trump's legacy of hate, paranoia, nativism and xenophobia will live on'
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The toxic effects of Trumpism will have to be addressed.

American political commentator, professor, and author Robert Reich shared on Facebook:

'Donald Trump is melting down. But, tragically, his legacy of hate, paranoia, nativism and xenophobia will live on. He has legitimized bigotry. He has fueled scapegoating. He has coarsened America. Immigration reform will now be far more difficult to achieve (hard to believe but it was only 2001 when George W. Bush sought a bipartisan consensus to boost the economy and make millions right with the law). The Justice Department reports a spike of hate crimes against Mexican-Americans and Muslim-Americans. The Southern Poverty Law Center reports school children bullying their Latino and Muslim classmates. White supremacists have been let loose upon the land. Even former Klan leader David Duke is now running for the Senate.

Even if Trump is defeated, future Republican leaders have a responsibility to put this poison back in the rancid bottle from which it came.

So do the rest of us. When I was a boy my public school taught 'civics.' It was a course about tolerance and civility, what citizens owe to one another and to this country, about immigration and the American 'melting pot,' and about equal rights under the Constitution. Maybe our schools should bring 'civics' back.'

As reported earlier by, Garry Kasparov: 'Why is everyone talking about plagiarism by Trump's wife when the candidate himself has been plagiarizing Mein Kampf for a year?'

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