Monday, August 22 2016 10:43 EEST
Ukraine's Olympic champion told the press that he could have brought the canoe with picture of missile blown up in Moscow
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The actual canoe that Yuriy Cheban used in Rio featured image of Cossacks as symbol of free nation

Yuriy Cheban, Ukrainian canoeist and the Olympic champion of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, told the press that he could have brought the canoe with quite provocative pictures on it. The boat he actually used during the event featured images of Cossacks, but initially, the idea was quite different, reports.

'Since the moment our country faced that tough test, I decided to start making thematic images with certain point. In 2014, I ordered a boat with an image of a missile blowing up in Moscow. In Rio, I wanted to add more fragments to this image, but that idea failed. Instead, I successfully finished the race on my boat with the image of Cossacks riding their horses. The image also included sabre and club. These pictures are supposed to show that we are a free, unbroken nation, which firmly makes its own point and is capable to repel an attack of any enemy', Cheban told Radio Liberty.

The Olympic champion gave the credit for the canoe’s design to his girlfriend Kateryna.

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