Saturday, August 20 2016 15:34 EEST
Russia sends the trucks which will be part of the 55th 'humanitarian convoy' to Donbass
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The Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations has sent the 55th so-called 'humanitarian convoy' to Donbass, the ministry's press service reported.

'At 06:00 on Saturday, the trucks set off from the Noginsk rescue center in Moscow region, which will be part of the 55th 'humanitarian' batch to Donbass,' Unian reports.

The ministry notes that the 55th convoy of 'humanitarian' aid will be formed in Rostov region and in the Donskoy rescue center of the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry, where trucks from other regions of Russia will join those from Noginsk. The formation of the column will be completed by August 25.

The ministry added that more than 70 trucks will make up the 55th column, which will deliver more than 600 tonnes of humanitarian aid.

'The cargo includes food, medicine and educational literature, which is necessary for educational institutions in Donbas to prepare for the new school year,' claimed the report.

According to the ministry, since mid-August 2014 more than 63,500 tonnes of humanitarian aid were delivered by 54 convoys to the residents of Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

Ukrainian side has repeatedly stressed that all cargo coming from Russia in such convoys, which Moscow calls 'humanitarian,' entered the territory of Ukraine illegally, without the consent of the government, in violation of national laws and internationally accepted practices.

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