Friday, August 19 2016 20:40 EEST
Putin: Ukraine made an attempt to sabotage in Crimea because of the unwillingness or inability to implement Minsk Agreements
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Russian President hopes provocations will not become final choice of Ukrainian side

President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin said that Ukraine made an attempt to sabotage the Russian-occupied Crimea because of the unwillingness or inability of Kyiv to implement Minsk Agreements on the settlement of the conflict in Donbass region. He said this at a meeting with Russian Security Council members, reports.

'It is clear that Ukraine does not want to or cannot, for whatever reasons, fulfill the Minsk Agreements. Ukraine’s government cannot explain their own people the significant lapses in socio-economic policy', Putin said.

He also expressed the hope that the provocations will not become the final choice of the Ukrainian side.

'I hope that the provocative actions will not be the ultimate choice of our partners, and common sense will prevail', Russian President stated.

As reported earlier by, Putin says Moscow will not ignore incidents in Crimea in which two soldiers were killed.

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