Thursday, August 18 2016 18:45 EEST
Car bomb exploded outside a police station in Turkey. 3 killed, 50 injured
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Three police officers were martyred in a PKK car-bomb attack on a police station in the four-storeyed building on Thursday in eastern Turkey's province of Elazig, the regional governor confirmed.

It is reported that at least 146 people, including civilians, were also hurt in the attack, some of the injured are in critical condition, reports.

Meanwhile, the Radio and Television Supreme Council banned all broadcasts about the deadly attack in the interest of public safety and ongoing police probe.

It is reported that exploded a car bomb outside a police station in the four stories tall. It is likely that the attack carried out Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

The attack is the second attack in 24 hours, following yesterday's attacks, that hit the eastern city of Van and Hakkari, a province in southeastern Turkey, taking lives of 3 people, including a police officer and injuring over 70 people. Authorities believe Kurdistan Workers' Party to be involved.

Recall that Turkey remains in the tense situation in connection with its confrontation with the Kurds, demanding autonomy. Ankara considers the PKK a terrorist organization. The conflict was been frozen for 2 years - in 2013, the Kurds and the government signed a truce, but clashes resumed in 2015.

As reported earlier by, Turkey's defense ministry has changed the jobs of 167 generals within the army. 

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