Thursday, August 18 2016 16:45 EEST
The Times: Moscow is trying to negotiate with US on Ukraine’s issue before election of new president
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In last few months, Putin offering Obama deal unprofitable for Ukraine: The Times

Roger Boyes writes this on the website of the British agency The Times, reports.

'Obama needs to wake up and see what he has done: the new military axis in the Middle East held together by disdain for Washington', reads the article.

According to the author, Putin hopes to strike a deal with Obama for the past few months. The United States should withdraw from Ukraine and then Russia will cease to 'flirt' with Turkey.

Moscow believes Washington is more interested in keeping Turkey in NATO than in the continuation of the conflict because of the annexation of the Crimea. In turn, the Europeans are clearly more willing to save the migratory agreement with Ankara than accession of Ukraine to the EU. The Kremlin doesn’t exclude the victory of the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in the presidential elections, and it is very interested in such a deal.

'Maybe, Obama will not be interested enough in such a compromise; his time is running out fast. Putin knows about it. Ronald Reagan effectively used his unsuccessful period, conducting dialogue with Mikhail Gorbachev that paved the way for the end of the Cold War', sums up the author.

As reported earlier by, Barack Obama: 'Despite strained relationship the US is trying to get Russia to implement Minsk peace deal.'

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