Thursday, August 18 2016 13:15 EEST
Klimkin: 'I don't object the introduction of visas for Russian citizens'
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Klimkin about possible visas with Russia: I'm fine with this step

The minister says that Ukraine should be aware of purposes of the possible visa regime with Russia, Unian reports.

'If to help us control border-crossing – to ensure this, we now require foreign passports from Russians and only international and interstate checkpoints should be used. If we decide that we need further steps – let's talk about this. From the point of the Foreign Ministry's view, I'm fine with the step. We've actually analyzed what is needed for this, but it should be a step with clear understanding what it will bring rather than a symbolic measure,' Klimkin said.

The minister also noted that one should understand that the 'the spiral of Russian propaganda will be spinning up endlessly, there will be action to make things difficult for Ukrainian citizens crossing the border, and it will be actively and continuously fueled.'

'So let's weigh the pros and cons. If we see more advantages here, and there are clearly more advantages, we'll will work in this direction. But it should be really a clear and transparent decision,' he said.

As reported earlier by, Ukraine is maintaining diplomatic relations with Russia and does not intend to cut them off, - Klimkin. 

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