Wednesday, August 17 2016 11:30 EEST
'We should block the websites containing anti-Ukrainian propaganda,' - MP
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Ukraine’s information security system is opposite to perfect, says Anton Gheraschenko, counselor to Head of Security Service.

'Currently, our state is helpless in terms of both civilian and information security, says Anton Gheraschenko according to

'If you live in Russia, you cannot visit many pro-Ukrainian web portals; the Russians use reliable cyber protection system that prevents common Russian citizens from watching TV reports about the hideous crimes committed by Kremlin-backed rebels in eastern Ukraine. Instead, our information space is wide open, so as soon as some politician claims it shouldn’t be that way, the community becomes outraged at these words. I reckon we should block the websites containing anti-Ukrainian propaganda, and the ones that collect funds to support the militants of so-called 'Novorossiya', said Anton Gherashchenko, Ukrainian MP and counselor to Head of Ukraine’s Security Service.

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