Tuesday, August 16 2016 21:30 EEST
Ukraine is maintaining diplomatic relations with Russia and does not intend to cut them off, - Klimkin
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Ukraine has no plans to cut off diplomatic ties with Russia, despite their aggression

Ukraine is maintaining diplomatic relations with the Russian Federation and does not intend to cut them off. This was said by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin in his interview to the Austrian publication Der Standard, 112.international reports. 

'We maintain diplomatic relations, despite Russian aggression. Millions of Ukrainians are in Russia, we must take care of them because. If Russia decides to break diplomatic relations, it will be their responsibility,' - Klimkin said.

Commenting on the situation around the occupied Crimea, the Minister suggested that Moscow could go to the provocation on administrative border for the purpose of internal mobilization on the eve of the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Klimkin also said that there are 50 thousand of Russian troops deployed on the peninsula.

In addition, according to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, there was no sense for Ukraine to organize an armed provocation in order to regain the Crimea.

'We will achieve this (return of the Crimea, - ed.) by political means, with the support of the international community and sanctions.'

As reported earlier by 1492news.com, Medvedev: 'Severance of diplomatic relations with Ukraine is not excluded.'

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