Tuesday, August 16 2016 13:50 EEST
Russian long-range aviation bombed in Syria, taking off from an air base in Iran
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Russian long-range Su-24 attacked the positions of the 'Islamic State' in Syria from Iranian Hamedan air base

Russian aircraft struck the first blow to the terrorists from the airfield in Iran for the first time after it was dislocated in Iran, reported the Ministry of Defense of Russia, according to 112.international.

Russian long-range bombers Su-24 attacked the positions of the 'Islamic State' in Syrian provinces Aleppo, Deir al-Zur and Idlib from Iranian Hamedan air base.

Three command points were destroyed near the cities of terrorists Jafra and Deir al-Zur. After attacking the bombers returned to the site based in Iran.

This was reported by Russian Ministry of Defense. Thus, the Ministry confirmed that Russian long-range aviation was redeployed to the Iranian base. Previously, Russian aviation performed their flights from South Osetian Mozdok.

It was reported arlier, that Russia redeployed its long-range bombers Tu-22M3 and Su-24 to the air base Hamedan in Iran. This will reduce the time for flights to Syrian targets by 60%.

As reported earlier by 1492news.com, Syria: Russian TU-22 destroyed ISIS chemical weapons plant. 

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