Monday, August 15 2016 22:30 EEST
Kyiv police detected two suspects in murder of journalist Pavlo Sheremet
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The suspected men and women absconded in a car with state number beginning with AA 72.

Media report about detection of suspects in Sheremet murder and is now taking measures for their detention, according to

Suspected man and woman were seen on the street Pidhirna in the Shevchenko district of Kyiv on Monday, August 15, at around 12:30. It is also reported that the two suspects absconded in a car with state number beginning with AA 72.

Pavlo Sheremet was killed on July 20 in the center of Kyiv by the explosion of his car. The car itself belonged to the head of the publication 'Ukrainian Truth' and his partner wife Alyona Prytula.

As the main versions of the murder investigation Sheremet considers his professional activity, but the police is working and the other three versions: personal hostile attitude towards journalists, to destabilize the situation in Ukraine and bug killers, the purpose of which would be Prytula because it too used this machine.

As reported earlier by, Media publishes video of someone putting TNT explosive under Sheremet's car from security camera. 

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