Monday, August 15 2016 20:50 EEST
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EU Delegation to Ukraine says it is concerned by the incomplete launch of the e-asset declaration system in Ukraine
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The EU Delegation to Ukraine comments on the launch of E-Asset Declaration System in Ukraine

European Union in Ukraine shared on Facebook:

'We are very disappointed and concerned by the incomplete launch of the electronic asset declaration system by the NAPC last night, without the necessary certification. An e-electronic system needs to be certified in order to ensure criminal liability for making false statements. This is essential for making such a system work and contribute to combating corruption, in accordance with Ukraine's commitments to the EU and to the international community. From what we understand there are no substantive reason for withholding certification. Certification should be provided without further delay.'

Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman in turn demanded that the e-declaration system should be launched at full capacity as soon as possible.

As reported earlier by, Internet-based income declaration system was officially launched in Ukraine. 

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