Monday, August 15 2016 13:10 EEST
Yet another shocking gun and axe attack in Germany's Cologne this morning
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Victim is not yet identified

Two gunmen stabbed a man in his thigh with an axe and shot at him, then fled the scene on their Mercedes, leaving the injured victim in Cologne’s city center, reports.

Police were called by witnesses shortly before 4 a.m. Residents had reported hearing 'heavy' gunfire in Flandrischenstrasse, Cologne’s city center.

According to Police spokeswoman Cathrine Maus, the victim, who has yet to be identified, was rushed to a local hospital with 'serious injuries', reported by Express.

The city centre is now blocked.

The area where the violence occurred is notorious for its red light businesses, as well as drug-pushing and money-laundering.

The motives behind the attack are not yet known. Germany is on high-alert after a string of Islamic State (ISIS) terror attacks this summer.

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