Sunday, August 14 2016 20:00 EEST
Rio 2016: Ukraine and Russia met in the finals of the women's team tournament in saber fencing
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Ukrainian team fought to the last ditch.

Ukraine lost to Russia’s team and wins silver in saber fencing, reports. 

Ukraine - Russia 30-45.

Russians started the match better, and after a few fights have built a great advance in eight points. Olga Harlan managed to close the gap a little bit after beating Egoryan in the middle of the tournament, but the ending was performed more confident by Russian saber fencers. As a result, with a score of 30-45, our team lost to Russia and remained with a silver medal.

Thus, Ukraine has now 4 medals (3 silver and 1 bronze) and takes 42nd place in the overall standings. 

As reported earlier by, The first world record is set at Summer Olympics in Rio. 

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