Friday, August 12 2016 14:50 EEST
Ukrainian embassy in Thailand: No Ukrainians among the foreigners who suffered due to the blasts
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Two blasts thundered in Huahin city last night; five people killed, 19 wounded

'According to the Ukrainian embassy in Thailand, one Thai citizen died, 19 more were wounded in the two explosions that occurred last night in Huahin city. No Ukrainians among the foreigners who suffered due to the blasts,' reads the statement by the Department of Consulate Service of Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry, reports.

The blast occurred in Pattani province near the military checkpoint on July 5. The homemade bomb was hidden in the police car. It triggered when the automobile stopped on the checkpoint for the examination.

It is also reported that another blast exploded near the local mosque and the police station on Monday evening. According to the police, the undefined men fired from the M79 grenade launcher, resulting in death of 1 person and 3 people injured, including a child. Another grenade exploded on the roof of the house near the mosque, no harm done.

Police suspects the Islamic separatists of these series of attacks.

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