Thursday, August 11 2016 18:15 EEST
More than 1,000 vehicles from Ukraine are standing in queues on the border with Poland
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Over 1,000 Ukrainian cars in queues on border with Poland, the Western Regional Office of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine has reported.

300 vehicles at the Yahodyn customs checkpoint, 200 cars at the Shehyni and Uhryniv checkpoints, 150 cars at the Rava-Ruska checkpoint and 130 cars at the Ustyluh checkpoint, as well as 70 cars at the Hrushiv checkpoint and 70 cars at the Krakovets checkpoint are awaiting their turn, Unian reports.

Small border traffic between Poland and Ukraine was suspended on July 4, 2016, as a safety precaution ahead of the NATO Summit and World Youth Day, which were held in Polish capital Warsaw.

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