Thursday, August 11 2016 14:15 EEST
Russia accuses Panov of working for Ukraine's Intelligence service and planning terror attacks in Crimea
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Brother of Yevhen Panov, arrested in Crimea, says he was kidnapped.

Yevhen Panov is so far the only man that Russia has officially named among the several arrested alleged 'terrorists'. Moscow claims that Panov, born in Zaporizhia, works for Ukraine's Intelligence service, the agency which trained the so-called sabotage group and, ultimately, organized the 'terror acts' in Crimea, Ukraine Today reports. 

Russia media released images of Panov, escorted by FSB. There are bruises on his face.

According to the Kremlin, Panov has been interrogated and ‘is making a confession". Ukraine, in turn, categorically denies that Panov is a member of the Intel service.

Igor Kotelianets says he is the brother of the arrested man. He has a different version of what has happened.

After Russian aggression started, Panov joined the ranks of the army. Upon his return from the conflict zone, he became a technician at the nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia while being a volunteer and helping the servicemen.

'He would never go to Crimea. Yevhen always said that Crimea was gone and he was indifferent towards this fact', Kotelianets says in an interview with Ukrainian media outlet

Kotelianets tells in an interview with Ukrainian media outlets, prior to the incident his brother was going to spend his time with friends and come back home Monday, but he never did. Later his family found out he had been arrested in Crimea.

Russian media claim, overall seven members have been detained in Crimea, including several locals. Moscow has yet to reveal the names of the other prisoners. 

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