Tuesday, August 9 2016 19:00 EEST
UN calls on the parties of Syrian conflict to stop fighting immediately
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UN demands full ceasefire agreement with a view to carrying out humanitarian operations

112.international reports: 

UN calls on the parties of Syrian conflict to stop fighting immediately near the Syrian city of Aleppo in order to conduct humanitarian operations. A statement published on the website of the organization.

'At least, the United Nations require a full ceasefire agreement or the weekly 48-hour humanitarian pauses to get to the millions in need of Aleppo, replenish stocks of food and medicines, which are critically coming short,' - the statement says.

The statement also says that there are about two million people in Aleppo without water and electricity. Water in wells and reservoirs of Aleppo is not enough to meet the needs of the population, and if water and power lines are not restored, the consequences could be 'devastating'.

It is offered to deliver humanitarian aid from the territory of Turkey. At that, the statement stressed that all parties must guarantee the safety of the civilian population and infrastructure in accordance with international law.

Earlier an agreement on cessation of hostilities in Syria came into force, but soon the positions of several groups in Aleppo province were hit by airstrikes.

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