Tuesday, August 9 2016 17:00 EEST
6 residential houses damaged and several shells exploded near the city hospital in Krasnohorivka during shelling by militants
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No casualties among civilians are reported

112.international reports: 

6 residential houses damaged and several shells exploded near the city hospital in Krasnohorivka during shelling by militants. This was reported on the ATO HQ press center Facebook page.

'Krasnohorivka is suffering again from mortar attacks this time the residents of the city experienced two mortar raids by illegal armed groups of ORDO (special districts of Donetsk region). One off them occurred on Sunday at about 16:55 - 17:45, and the second - at dawn of the next day, at 4:10 - 5:10. The militants were shelling Staromykhailivka. Except mortar launchers they used rocket-propelled grenade launchers, heavy machine guns and small arms

In general 6 residential buildings were damaged, including apartment blocks. At that several shells exploded near the city hospital.

'Military serviceman from Joint Centre for Control and Coordination arrived Krasnohorivka on August 8. They have documented the places of mortar explosions of ammunition of various calibers. All materials were handed over to representatives of the OSCE SMM. Fortunately, civilians are not hurt in the attacks,' - reads the message.

As reported earlier by 1492news.com, Pro-Russian militants continue to rudely breach conditions of Minsk agreements

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