Monday, August 8 2016 21:00 EEST
'Ukrainians won't feel effect of martial law in case it is introduced', - Deputy Minister of temporarily occupied territories
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However there is no pressure for its introduction

Geore Tuka, Deputy Minister of temporarily occupied territories, said to '112 Ukraine' TV channel: 'I see no need for this now. If we hadn't done it at the beginning of these events, now I do not see (anything) special that needs to be done.', reported.

However, he notes that the martial law in the event of the introduction will not be noticeable to most people.

'I have intentionally revised the Law 'On Martial Law'... There's an idea prevailing in our society...When a corrupt official is caught, or take, for example, Yefremov. So in case of martial law, he would be shot dead or stringed up. Well, it's nonsense! None of this is stated in the law 'On martial law'. No, all the judicial branch continues operating in the usual way. There are certain restrictions on the car fleet, there are military commander's offices, but the vast majority of civilians won't even feel it, '- said Tuka.

Recently Oleksandr , the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, urged Ukrainians not to be afraid of martial law and to not panic

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