Monday, August 8 2016 17:00 EEST
Youngster shot dead while playing Pokemon Go
San Francisko, Calvin Riley, deceased, Pokemon Go, officers, gunshot wound, medical aid, passed away, suspicious figure, hill, fire

20-year-old Calvin Riley was murdered in San Francisco aqua park, - ABC7 reports: 

According to the brother of the deceased, Calvin was playing Pokemon Go with his mates on Saturday evening. The officers found him on the ground with a gunshot wound to the torso. Despite the timely rendered medical aid, the man passed away, according to ABC7

One of Riley’s friends told the press they noticed a suspicious figure at a hill nearby who watched them as they were playing; but it was dark at the time, so they went back to playing the popular game.

‘As far as we know, there was no confrontation. Not a single word was said. It was absolutely groundless; he just came from the back, fired his gun and escaped’, a friend of Riley’s family said.

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