Thursday, August 4 2016 18:40 EEST
Representatives of the so-called DPR announced the beginning of the next full-scale military operations in the south-east of Ukraine
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DPR envoy threatens with resumption of open clashes reports: 

Representatives of the so-called Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) announced the beginning of the next full-scale military operations in the south-east of Ukraine if Kyiv continues to bombard the territory of Donbas region. The DPR Envoy Denis Pushilin stated this, according to

'If the Ukrainian authorities do not comply with at least the first three points of the Minsk Agreements, there will be the resumption of hostilities by the fault of Kyiv', he said.

'The situation is aggravated with every passing day. There is no progress after the next negotiations on a political settlement. The situation remains tense; it can erupt and escalate into a full-fledged clash at any moment. Ukraine is not fulfilling its obligations in the military and in the political sphere. Not only have we seen it. 320 000 of our citizens put their signatures on a petition to the UN Security Council of a failure of Minsk Agreements by Kyiv', Pushilin said.

According to him, the situation worsened as much as possible during the last 5-6 days. He also added that 'in the case of a full-scale aggression from Ukraine we have enough strength to an adequate response'.

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