Wednesday, August 3 2016 23:00 EEST
Kremlin-backed mercenaries create military bootcamps in Donbas, - Ukraine’s ambassador in UN
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Rebels make kids practice at firing ranges, undergo training for reconnaissance groups, UN press service says reports: 

According to Ukraine’s ambassador in the UN Volodymyr Yelchenko, as quoted by UN press service, Kremlin-backed mercenaries create military bootcamps where they teach children how to use small arms and perform reconnaissance missions. The official said this information never appeared in the UN Secretary General’s report about children suffering from armed conflicts; the Ukrainian diplomat urged to fix this misunderstanding.

‘Unfortunately, this is another case of how people turn the blind eye on the only armed conflict that is underway in Europe’, Yelchenko said.

The official reported that the militants use minors as fighters in the illegal armed groups, while schools and kindergartens are used for military purposes. 

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