Wednesday, August 3 2016 13:40 EEST
Nadiya Savchenko has visited the occupied areas of Eastern Ukraine
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Member of Parliament Nadiya Savchenko says she has visited the occupied areas of Donbas in eastern Ukraine to talk to the local residents.

Unian reports: 

'I've been there, but the representatives of the self-proclaimed "DPR" [Donetsk People's Republic] and "LPR" [Luhansk People's Republic] were not aware of this. I entered the territory beyond the contact line and talked to the people and heard their problems. I did not get too close to the cities of Donetsk and Luhansk,' she stated at a press conference at UNIAN on Tuesday.
When asked if she was ready to go to occupied Donbas to meet with the militant leaders, she replied: 'I'm ready to work. I've already said a thousand times – I'm ready to go there – but have no desire for undue publicity. With cover or without it, I'm ready to go there to achieve results, as everybody is well aware that a human being's life is the most precious thing,' she declared.

As reported earlier by, Nadiya Savchenko goes on a hunger strike in protest against the inaction of authorities in releasing prisoners

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