Tuesday, August 2 2016 22:00 EEST
Containers with gas were dropped on the city Serakab (Syria) last night
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Reuters reports gas attack on a Syrian town where Russian helicopter was shot down yesterday

112.international reports:

Containers with gas were dropped on the city Serakab (Saraqib) (Syria) on Tuesday night from a helicopter. This is according to Syrian Civil Defense, calling themselves a neutral volunteer organization, conducting search and rescue operations, (Reuters )

33 people are reported to be poisoned, mostly women and children.

The representatives of the Syrian Civil Defense, who visited the scene, said that, chloride was used in this operation, but they cannot prove it. The official Reuters representative said, that the gas contained in medium size barrels, but they could not identify the substance composition.

A Syrian regime aircraft bombed the opposition-held city of Saraqib in Syria’s northwestern Idlib province with barrel bombs laced with chlorine gas late Monday, local medical sources have said.

'Ten people, including children, suffered temporary asphyxia from the attack,' a medical source told Anadolu Agency.

It is reported that there are no mentioning of the accident in Serakab on the website of the organization.

The use of gas in Syria was also proved by Human Rights Watch Center in Syria.

As reported earleir by 1492news.com, Russia's Mi-8 helicopter has been shot down with fire from the ground in Syria

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