Tuesday, August 2 2016 20:00 EEST
Nadiya Savchenko goes on a hunger strike in protest against the inaction of authorities in releasing prisoners
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During her captivity in the Russian Federation Savchenko sseeveral times was on a hunger strike

Note, during her captivity in the Russian Federation Savchenko several times was on a hunger strike, 112.international reports

'One of the mechanisms of my release was a protest via hunger against inaction of Ukrainian government. And today I start another hunger strike against inactivity of all the world leaders relating to releasing Ukrainians from captivity. And I'll keep hunger striking until the positive result,' - Savchenko said.

Note, during the captivity in the Russian Federation Savchenko went several times on hunger strikes. The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko appealed to her to stop the last one to save her life.

According to official data of the Ukrainian authorities, Russian prisons are holding 10 Ukrainian hostages, 109 people are still held hostage in the occupied territories of Ukraine.

As it was reported earlier the so-called 'DNR' rejected Kyiv's proposal to exchange hostages on the principle of 50 militants in for 25 Ukrainian army men, stating that they are willing to exchange 'all for all'. At that, the rebels want to get back 600 people whose whereabouts are unknown to the Ukrainian party. All other appeals and proposals of Kyiv 'DNR' is also rejecting.

It should be noted, according to Minsk agreement, the exchange should be performed only on the principle 'all for all' and not later than on the fifth day after the withdrawal of all heavy weapons for the distance of 50 km.

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