Tuesday, August 2 2016 18:00 EEST
Pyatt: 'Russia is still far from fulfilling the obligations under the Minsk Agreements'
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Security situation in Donbas region is getting worse

112.international reports: 

The situation in the Donbas region is not a frozen conflict, because the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are dying every day. US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt said this in an interview with Austrian newspaper Der Standard, liga.net reports.

'This is not a frozen conflict, if there are officers killed every day. The security situation is getting worse. Russia is still far from fulfilling the obligations under the Minsk Agreements', he said.

Pyatt pointed out that the leaders of Western states do not have to listen to the growing callsto abolish or weaken the anti-Russian sanctions, since even under them Russia continues its aggressive actions against Ukraine.

'We must not succumb to the argument that sanctions do not work, and therefore we should cancel them. On the contrary, if sanctions do not work, they should be strengthened', the ambassador stressed. 

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