Tuesday, August 2 2016 14:40 EEST
WikiLeaks publishes new data on theHillary Clinton election campaign
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According to Assange, publication of new documents will be 'very interesting'

112.international reports: 

WikiLeaks publishes new data on the election campaign of the candidate for the US presidency Hillary Clinton. The founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange stated this, Kommersant reports.

Assange said on that he had no personal animosity toward Clinton, however, has a variety of data about the Clinton campaign, the publication of which would be, in his words,'very interesting'.

'We know that now this information will cause the maximum interest of the readers, but we have to make it. If the publication had been made after the congress, you can imagine how much the voters would have been furious voting for Democrats', he said.

Assange has not told the details of how WikiLeaks got this e-mail correspondence.

'If we receive the information from the US Intelligence service and after the check we see that it is completely correct, we will definitely publish it', WikiLeaks founder said

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