Monday, August 1 2016 13:35 EEST
Avakov: 'Trump is equally dangerous for both Ukraine and the USA'
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Ukraine’s Interior Minister reacts to Republican presidential candidate’s remarks on Crimea reports: 

‘The impudent statement of the U.S. presidential candidate Trump about possible recognition of Crimea part of Russia is a marker of a dangerous fringe. He is equally dangerous for both Ukraine and the USA. The fringe who supports Putin’s dictatorship cannot guarantee democratic freedoms across the U.S. and worldwide. It is no mere chance that Paul Manafort, former counselor to ex-president Yanukovych, now heads Trump’s electoral campaign. Yanukovych fled to Russia through Crimea. It’s a good question where Manafort will bring Trump now’, the Ukrainian minister posted at Facebook.

As earlier reported by, Donald Trump has lost US election. Ukrainian matter impacted his campaign severely

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