Saturday, July 30 2016 17:50 EEST
Yerevan clashes: A hundred people got detained; 60 were put into hospital with injuries
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Five policemen injured during another violence outbreak in the Armenian capital

A hundred people got detained; 60 were put into hospital with injuries, Interfax-Ukraine reports with references to official sources, according to Five law enforcers are now at Erebuni medical centre in Yerevan, one of the policemen got shot in the abdomen and went through a surgery.

The demonstration is underway since July 17, when the groups of approximately 30 armed protesters captured the building of patrol guard service post in Yerevan, killing a policeman and taking several more as hostages. The police say the activists attacked them, which made the law enforcers response with the use of tear gas and batons. The attackers later released the hostages, the next day after negotiations between the conflicting sides were held.

The protesters refuse to give up their weapons, demanding to release Jirair Sefilian, the detained leader of the Founding Parliament radical opposition movement. Sefilian, famous political figure, the veteran of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, was arrested last month under charges of illegal gun purchase and illegal gun storage. The activists also demand resignation of Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan.

As reported earlier by, Yerevan: Activists decline policemen’s offers to render medical aid to their wounded comrades. 

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