Friday, July 29 2016 20:00 EEST
OSCE SMM published photos from crashed UAV in Avdiivka
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Hug published photos from UAVs

Unmanned aerial vehicles continue to record the clear violations of the Minsk Agreements in the zone of the antiterrorist operation, mainly at night. OSCE Special Monitoring Mission Deputy Head Alexander Hug said this during the briefing, 112.interantional reports. 

'This is what our drone recorded last Friday night. This is s SA-8 surface-to-air missile system driving through govt-controlled Tonen’ke 8.3 km from the contact line', Hug said.

'The image is blurry, but one can see two towed howitzers in the DPR-controlled Kayutyne, 7.2 km south east from the contact line', he added.

'Our long-rage drone took the photo of the weapons before its crash in Avdiivka. One can clearly see a number of blasts from the firing of anti-aircraft systems, which were aimed at the UAV last week', Hug said.

Numerous traces of mortar explosions detected next night in Avdiivka.

That same night drone recorded artillery round impacting on rail line on the DPR-controlled area near Avdiivka, 0.8 km of the contact line.

Also on the outskirts Avdeevka artillery shells hit the road bridge at night.

The same night OSCE SMM UAV spots outgoing mortar rounds in the DPR-controlled Spartak 2.2 km of the contact line.

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