Friday, July 29 2016 16:00 EEST
Explosion at Ukroboronprom facility: There was no reckless disregard allowed during the ammunition recycling procedure
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The procedure was carried out properly, though the shells were out-of-date, - survivor in the accident.

One of the injured workers at the defense industry enterprise in Sumy region (northeastern Ukraine) said there was no reckless disregard allowed during the ammunition recycling procedure, reports.

The bombs were over 50 years old. There were 15 of them. The workers had disposed of seven shells at the time; eight more were to go.

'The injured man says he’s been working here for nine years now and nothing like that ever happened before. When asked if the explosion took place due to reckless disregard, he denied, saying the procedure went as always, under respective order and technology.

The military prosecutor’s office of Sumy region currently examines three versions of the accident and, respectively, three possible reasons of the blast: self-detonation of the missile due to the change of its chemical properties, caused by the long storage period; presence of an unauthorized highly explosive item that went off during the works; and breach of safety regulations during the disposal procedure.

As reported earlier by, The most likely version of explosion at Ukroboronprom facility was caused by the negligence.

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